Protecting Your Car from Spring Pollen

Warm weather may be a welcoming sight to some people, while others dread what it brings with it. Pollen is fresh in the air and will stick to just about anything it can. It causes allergies and dirties up just about anything it can and your vehicle is no exception. A single grain of pollen can cause damage to your car’s paint job. When a grain of pollen manages to land in one of the tiny pores of your car’s paint it begins to wear it down. This can lead to staining and early oxidation of the paint.

The best way to prevent pollen damage on your car is to give it a nice wash. Just wiping pollen off does not do much to help the problem and can actually make it worse by spreading it around and causing it to damage your vehicle’s paint. You want to wash away the pollen with soapy water. Just as much as you don’t want to use dry clothes to wipe your car, you don’t want to just use water either. Water works to activate the acidic spores in pollen that can damage your vehicle’s paint. Soap will prevent that and will ensure that the pollen is washed off of your vehicle.

Waxing can be another great preventive measure. Wax makes it difficult for pollen to cling to your car because it adds a slippery layer to it. Wax is also a protective layer between the pollen and your vehicle’s paint, making it very difficult for pollen to do any damage to the paint.

You can also protect your car by keeping it parked in the garage during summer and spring months as well. Although there is less rain, pollen can easily fall down onto your car when it’s sitting in the driveway. The garage won’t protect your car all the way but it will greatly reduce the amount of pollen that collects onto it.

Pollen is a necessary pest that we have to learn to deal with. Although small, it can scratch and fade your paint job so it’s important that you stay on top of keeping your car clean.

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